The billboard at left once welcomed residents and visitors to Castro Valley during its chicken ranching days. It was located near where Mattox Road now becomes Castro Valley Boulevard.

At right, now also part of our history, is the "welcome" sculpture commissioned by the county. It briefly sat on Redwood Road near Castro Valley Boulevard during late 1997 and was removed due to the community's requests.

So ...why do we care about the past?

There are many reasons, but plain old curiosity is good for a start. Who were those people whose names figure so prominently in our landscape: Stanton; Hayward; Proctor; Cull? How did they live and shape our community. Who was living here before them? What was the town like back then and what may it  become.

Take a trip with us now into Castro Valley's past. We hope you enjoy these pieces of the puzzle we've been able to assemble here and consider adding your part of the puzzle to them.

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MyCastroValley thanks Lucille Lorge and the Hayward Historical Society for allowing us to present this information here. The information here has been compiled by Mrs. Lorge, who also shares it as a slide presentation in Castro Valley elementary schools.

Ray Lorge, Lucille's late husband, and his family were vital forces in shaping Castro Valley's history through both industrial and civic contributions. Lucille continues this tradition through her work with the Hayward Historical Society and in many other ways. We greatly appreciate their generousity in allowing us to publish this material.

To read more about the Lorge family and their history in Castro Valley click here.

Hayward and Castro Valley

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