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Linda Longinotti

I am currently working on a series of paintings and panels that I refer to as “Tile works”. They are the result of two recent trips to Istanbul where I was able to see many examples of Byzantine mosaics and contemporary and ancient Turkish tiles. An avid tile setter myself, I decided to revisit the method of dividing up my painting surface into “tiles”. Working with the three dimensional surface effect of light playing on

ceramic tiles gives the viewer both an overall image to enjoy as well as an intimate view of each individual tile as a tiny abstract painting.

The dark lines hold the tiles tightly together and provide visual movement around the surface and into the space beyond leading the viewer’s eye rhythmically around the panel. Rendering each tile separately allows me to control the color and nature of the light defining the surface. The tiles work as flat surfaces to force the viewer back to the panel’s surface and also as tiny windows to the light and color defining the spaces beyond the grid. The magnificent mosaics of the St. Sophia in Istanbul shimmer and glow in the city’s changing light. The surfaces seem animated by the contour method of placing
each small tile. This shimmer and movement intrigues me and I try to                      Sunset at Sea
capture some of these same qualities in my panels.

I am a Fine Arts graduate of Cal State Hayward and have exhibited widely and taught representational drawing at various levels. I hope you enjoy these works and that they add beauty to your day.

Linda Longinotti


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