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Susan Bass

My recent paintings, as seen on these pages, reflect my interest in symbols, or icons, used in art, not in any formal sense, but in the way that each person resonates to certain recurring themes in their own lives, in ways that we only feel, and respond to, without really knowing why or what it all means.  For instance, in my paintings, a sun symbol always seems to show up sooner or later.  Also doors often appear without my willing them to.


The paintings you see here were influenced by art of various ethnic origins, whose artists often share my pleasure in the “slightly mystical”, sometimes slightly comical, depiction of places and things, changed just enough to still be recognizable, and yet tilted from everyday reality just enough to, hopefully, cause the viewer to pause a moment.


I am a Castro Valley painter and photographer, who has lived and worked here for over 20 years.  I try to participate in Open Studios once a year, and look forward to meeting more of the community.  Should you wish to contact me, my email address is:




Sun Moon No Stars

Sun Bird

I Come From the Sea

No News

Mayan Magic

Rabbit Rampant

Sunset City

Tree Party