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Not everyone can see the humor in their local "loo", personal potty, or tidy toilet. However, Castro Valley artist Anne Anderson turned her artistic talents and quirky sense of humor into a series of painterly portraits of notable necessaries called "Heads of the Masters".  Anne was 88 when she  passed away August 31, 2005.


In 1998, these "portraits" were incorporated into a book by the same name. The introduction says that, these are toilets as they might have been imagined by Picasso & kandinsky, Rene Magritte or by Andy Warhol and Marc Chagall and Freida Kahlo.


Anne, born in Lebanon, Ohio , lived in Castro Valley 84 years. An artist all her life, she graduated in interior design from the University of California, Berkeley.  A retrospective exhibit at the Sun Gallery, Hayward, marked her 85th year.