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Born in Berkeley, California in May of 1950, Sharon grew up in the Bay Area and South Lake Tahoe.  In addition to creating fine art, she works as a Registered Cardiac Sonographer and Certified Massage Therapist.

Sharon is a self taught artist who finds experimentation, reading and listening to her instincts are her best teachers. She finds different subjects or moods can be portrayed with greater impact depending on the media used. In a representational style, Sharon uses photographs she has taken, along with on-site sketches, to produce her final works in oil, pastel or colored pencil.   Her collage and mixed media images are built upon an idea, feeling or a story with a strong underlying design.

Sharon has received many awards for her work from honorable mentions to best of show.  Her work can be seen at City Arts Gallery in Hayward, Art Truckee Gallery in Truckee and Ohlone Arts Gallery in Fremont. Her Studio/home is open throughout the year by appointment and open during her annual open studio event.

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Statement:   What inspires me is the beauty in nature that is given to us every day with a kaleidoscope of colors, pattern and texture.  Also being a people watcher, I can see stories being told with a look or body attitude.  To capture designs in nature and stories in people is exciting and rewarding to me.  Through my art I can relive a moment in time and share this experience with you, the viewer of my work.

You may contact Sharon at the following Email address: