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Carol Jones Brown


There was a time when I created works that would look great over someone's sofa--florals, seascapes, etc.

Now I want to make something that is unexpected and exciting--BLAM!--a surprise, even for me. The piece may begin this way and end up that way, in a totally different direction, perhaps upside down or sideways.

I begin with enthusiastic thrusts of acrylic paint. Then I may paste on a stray piece of collage paper that is lurking at the bottom of the heap. With that, more papers, fabric, string, the kitchen sink--who knows?

If painting isn't fun, why do it?




The Rocket's Red Glare  36"x36"
Acrylic on canvas with collage

My Times Square. 40"x30"
Mixed media on canvas

Lofty Pursuit  36"x42"
Mexed media on canvas

Japonica 24"x30"
Mixed media on canvas

Elevation 24"x24"
Mixed media on canvas


Chorus LIne 36"x36"
Mixed media on canvas

Renewal 40"x30"
 Mixed media on canvas

Serpentine 36" x36'
Collage and acrylic on canvas

My Sketchbook Drawn and Quartered
40"x40" collage on canvas


Sketchbook details:


"After Manet"

"After Van Gogh"

"After Toulouse-Lautrec"