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Lake Chabot

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Anthony Chabot Regional Park or Lake Chabot, as those of us who are long time residents of Castro Valley like to call it -  is one of the best guarded secrets of our community. Although the park traverses numerous East Bay cities the Castro Valley entrance on Lake Chabot Road provides a quick transition from city to mountain hideaway in just a short drive from any location within Castro Valley. Considering our population it is amazing the isolation one can achieve with just a short stroll down either side of the picturesque lake.  Additional information about Lake Chabot and its related activities can be found by clicking on the following link:
  Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Lake Chabot Hiking Trails


East Side 10K

If you want to try a 10K (6.21 mile) run or walk this is a great one.  You may park on the street or down in the lot for a fee. After you enter the park off Lake Chabot Road, head toward the East side (to the right) of the lake.  At a four way intersection you will see a sign board with a map and park information. This is the starting point for your walk/run. Head down hill across a small bridge with a small par course on the right. Make a left and continue past a small duck pond on the left and then past a road heading toward the marina (you stay straight).
Continue on this paved road for several miles. The lake on your left  surrounded by local flora and fauna --  is beautiful.
After approximately 1.7 miles the paved road ends at a large metal gate. Many people stop at this point and head back. If you can keep going you will see the remote areas of the trip.  Keep going past the gate (you are now on the Cameron Loop Trail) until you see a great old bridge on the left. Once across the bridge, your surroundings change and you seem to be in some isolated area totally outside of the city. The road is dirt and easy to follow. You will quickly arrive at a four way junction - stay to the left on Honker Bay Trail.  The next marker will be the junction with Huck's Trail (a toilet is available on the left). You are almost there -- Keep following the trail and you will come to a small boat dock where the trail heads right up a very steep hill to the right. This is the 3.1 mile spot or half of a 10K. Stop at the dock and look across at the East Shore and the area already traveled  --  it seems a lot longer from this side. After a short rest head back to complete your full 10K (6.3 mile) trek.


Castro Valley Community Center

Castro Valley Community Center (18988 Lake Chabot Road)  is an all purpose park located on a wide expanse of land that covers a multiple block  area from Seven Hills Road to Lake Chabot Road. It is not only a green hideaway in the city but a focal point for numerous activities. The   Chanticleers Theater calls the park its home  -- offering year around plays at reasonable prices. The Community Center itself  faces Lake Chabot Road and schedules events and activities throughout the year. In addition you can enjoy the picnic facilities, barbecues, play areas, parking, tennis courts, basketball court,  horseshoe courts, softball field and even a snack bar. For additional information please call (510) 881-6700.


Earl Warren Park


Earl Warren Park located at 4660 Crow Canyon, Castro Valley provides a pleasant relief within ear shot of freeways and major thorough fares. It is used by several dog clubs for shows and meetings and is a favorite dog walking area for the locals. It has Picnic Tables, Barbecues, Play Area, Parking Lot, Rest Rooms, Open Lawn Area


Carlos Bee Park


1905 Carlos Bee Park might be considered on the cusp of Castro Valley. It is located at 1905 Grove Way. It has one of the most picturesque entries of any of our parks. Once past the secluded entry way one more local park becomes available. It has Picnic Tables, Group Picnic Area, Barbecues and a Play Area.

Dearview Park

Dearview Park was constructed to provide a park and recreational area for the new Columbia Developments. The park is is located at 5780  Thousand Oaks. There is a swimming pool attached to the park but sorry, it is for members only. The park has picnic tables, picnic areas, barbeques, basketball courts and a par course.




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