Cull Canyon Park

Cull Canyon Park is located near the junction of Heyer and Cull Canyon.  This park is noted primarily for its award winning 1.5 acre swim lagoon.  The swim complex is open from Easter until after Labor Day. (Call 510-636-1684 for information). There is a fee to enter the swim area.  The area around the swim lagoon provides additional picnic tables, hiking trails and the Cull Canyon Reservoir loaded with bass, catfish and sunfish.

Greenridge Park

Greenridge provide a park for both the new and established communities in the Greenridge area (6108 Greenridge Road).  It has picnic tables, barbeques, play area, hiking and riding trails, tennis courts and to top it off a beautiful view.


Palomares Hills Park

Palomares Hills is another Castro Valley community park constructed primarily for the local sub community of Palomares but available to all of  Castro Valley. It is located at 7050 Palomares Hills. Just head up toward Palomares and it is on the left near the top of the hill. It has Picnic Tables, Group Picnic Areas, Barbecues, Play Area, Ball Fields, Soccer Fields, Snack Bar, Rest Rooms an Open Lawn Area and a  Par Course

Parsons Park

Parsons Park is the  newest addition to the plentiful collection of Castro Valley parks. It is a  4-acre park located at the site of the former Parsons School. Although purchased in 1992 by the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board of Directors it was not developed until this year due to funding shortages.  With the recent passage of Proposition 12 money finally became available and this beautiful community park was completed. The park features an accessible children's play area, picnic and game tables, open turf area and a perimeter walking path. Parsons Park is located at Almond Road and Walnut Road in Castro Valley