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Meet the Publisher/Owner Ken O'Donnell

Born in Oakland Ca, in 1962. Raised mostly in San Mateo Co with short stints in LA, Sacramento and abroad.

Ken graduated El Camino high in South San Francisco 1980 and then attended collage at CSM, Skyline and the University of Maryland. He worked as a newspaper photographer, while in collage. Trying to find his calling, had a short career as a Disco Dj in San Francisco and when running out of money trying to break into sports car racing (SCCA), Ken Joined the USAF in 1982.

After serving in the Azores Portugal and in Montana for four years, Ken exited the USAF as a sergeant and secured a job as an Air Traffic Controller with the FAA.

In 1998 The O’Donnell’s moved to Castro Valley and Ken started as a hobby.

In 1999, Ken started a Bay Area web design company called KO-Websites. Today, the company manages over 150 commercial and non-profit websites and specializes in search engine optimization. See KO's company website at

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Meet the our editor- Don Lopes

Hi, this is Don Lopes your Hometown Website editor. As a 26 year resident of Castro Valley, it is fun to be involved in a project that is both challenging and contributive to our community. I was born and raised in East Oakland; and even then remember visiting my Portuguese Aunt and Uncle many times on their small farm on Wilbeam Ave, in Castro Valley. We always left with homemade linguisa and sweet bread. The town has grown a lot since those days.

I have been married for 38 years, have two daughters and 1 granddaughter. In the years that we raised our daughters, we were involved in many of the sports and educational activities that this great community has to offer. My wife and one daughter still work in the Castro Valley Unified School District. Our other daughter is near by and teaching in the San Ramon School Dist.

After completing four years of Active duty during Viet Nam, I returned to college where I received my Bachelors degree from California State University Hayward. I continued on to finish one year of post graduate work and to accept a California State Teaching Credential. I taught for two years in San Jose before making a career change.

Realizing that teaching was not my life’s ambition after all, I accepted a position with the Federal Government that lasted for 27 years. The last 10 years were spent managing a national software/application Department for a small governmental department. More specifically the last 3 years were dedicated to the construction and distribution of a national database using web based technology.

Retiring from Government service, I thought that I was through with computer activities. Then along came an offer that I could not refuse: My Castro Valley Web site editor. I look forward to contributing to our community web site and its continued growth and expansion.

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Mail: 3056 Castro Valley Blvd., Suite 6
Castro Valley, Ca. 94546
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Rebecca is a consultant, trainer and therapist with more than fifteen years of experience helping people solve their personal, interpersonal and behavioral problems.  She has provided employee assistance, conflict resolution, and workplace trauma services to businesses throughout the Bay Area.  She conducts seminars on stress management, substance abuse, coping with change, dealing with difficult people, and work/life balance.  She also works with individuals and couples in her private practice, with offices in Castro Valley and Pleasanton.  She received her MSW from UC Berkeley, and has been licensed as a clinical social worker since 1987.


 Rebecca A. Stanwyck, LCSW
20885 Redwood Road, #101
Castro Valley, CA 94546
PH:      510-287-2628
FAX:    510-247-9841

 FOR Dr. Joseph Whitehouse


Dr. Joseph Whitehouse graduated from the University of Iowa in 1970 and received a Masters in Counseling in 1988.

He was a Regional Director of the ExperDent Centers of Dental Excellence providing quality education to Northern California.

His practice in Castro Valley, California focuses on superior communication skills aiding with greater patient understanding and the successful treatment of fearful patients. Dr. Whitehouse ensures superior dentistry using the least invasive procedures with maximum results for treatment of orthodontics, crown lengthening, implants and root repositioning.

Dr. Joseph Whitehouse holds fellowships in the World Congress of Microdentist, a founding member currently serving a Treasurer.

His course taught on the development of communication skills is unique in dentistry and encourages positive, trusting relations between practitioner and patient.

His continued dedication to dentistry encourages proactive improvements in cosmetic dentistry into future.




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Owner/Publisher: Ken O'Donnell

Email the Editor: Don Lopes

Mail: 3056 Castro Valley Blvd., Suite 6
Castro Valley, Ca. 94546

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