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The heat kept many Castro Valleian's home this year. The photos on this page were taken around 10am on Sat, while venders and non-profit organizations were still setting up their booths. The day looked promising as the early crowds looked bigger then normal for a Saturday Am. Traditionally, and was the case this year, Sunday is a bigger turn out. But as the day (and the heat 100+) wore on, the crowd remained light and sales were slightly down on Saturday.

On Sunday, the heat dropped some and the big crowds came out to play, dance and enjoy the good food. I've heard and read complaints about the festival looking smaller this year. That was not the case. The number of booths were exactly the same as last year. However, people may be thinking of several years back, when Safeway aloud the festival to stretch into their parking lot. For the last two years, Safeway has not participated.

One thing that really stank was, the porta-poties. The company forgot to come clean them on Sunday morning. I'm sure this wont happen next year.

Sorry about the lack of photos this year. Your MyCastroValley photographer had to work (his real job) on both days of the festival. If anyone has some good photos to add to this page, please e-mail them to us at

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