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Hi!  My name is Porkchop and I am well known around my neighborhood.

Hello my name is Kahlua!
I am 1.8 yrs old. If you see me walking with my Owners,
Anastasia or Jason on CV Boulevard ---be sure to stop and pet me! I am a luvbug chocolate lab!

"Navada" dog for the blind' in training with Brenda

This photo was taken 5/12/01 at the Castro Valley parade.  A perfect environment to get the dogs used to people and confusion. 

This is Cody - my 5 year old wolfdog. He loves everybody, and everything - but especially he loves sitting on my $4000 designer chair. At least he doesn't eat foam!    Ric G.

Here's a picture of our dog, Strudel.  He was our first foster dog from Fairmont Animal Shelter.  He's a very strange little dog...
Troy Brent

Move over cats and dogs, My name is Thumper and I'm a Chinchilla!  I can live up to 20 years with good care.  I'm about a year old and I shouldn't get any bigger, unless I eat too many snacks.  I'm about the size of a very small cantaloupe and I'm mostly fur.  I live in Castro Valley, my favorite pastime is playtime in the human world.

The gray cat is named "Bitty Kitty" and the black cat is named "Chessie"
Trish, Eric, Ali, Steph, Alexis, Brittany, Daisie & Judy

This is this web sites publisher's dog "Bowline" (as in the sailing knot- pronounced bo-lin).  He's the one on the right.  A 6 Yr. 145lb. Rot-Queenslin mix, with tail,  from the Fremont pound.  Just the best dog and gentle too.  Likes to chase airplanes!

The Pit Bull Terrier is named "Chance"
Trish, Eric, Ali, Steph, Alexis, Brittany, Daisie & Judy

Phantom sometimes thinks he's a dog (he barks, will go to the door when the doorbell rings, and comes when called - sometimes) but he hates our dog and doesn't even like the dog to look at him.



Hello.  My name is Maximus and I am a rottie-shepard mix (so people say).  I just moved here to Castro Valley.  My mom and dad adopted me from the Oakland SPCA where my littermates and I were dropped off.  I love playing with Mr. Ducky, but after I complete my shots, I hope to go play in the wonderful dog parks nearby.

This is Scooter, a very cool cat..  he is an entrepreneur and is the developer of the scooter sock.
Ken & Hannah C.

Our new kitten doesn't like to drink out of the water dish for the other cats.  Luckily, our dog is willing to share his dish.


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Hi, my name is Baxter and I live in Castro Valley. I am a therapy dog at Laurel Grove Hospital at Eden Medical Center.  When I'm not at the Hospital, you can find me playing at Earl Warren Park or hiking at Lake Chabot.


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